Testimonies from our loyal customers!

" It was great to meet you yesterday and I enjoyed learning more about coLLo Apparel.  As my wife and I mentioned, we are believers in the product and I love the shirt she bought me for my birthday.  I plan to buy more shirts and will help spread the word regarding the quality and effectiveness of the product.  People frequently approach me, partly because I am a good player (I formerly played professionally) and partly because I dress "differently", but invariably we discuss skin cancer and the clothing I am wearing.  I direct them towards the products I believe in, and coLLo Apparel will be at the top of my list. 
Thanks for your time yesterday.  I will be sure to show Mike Bronkema at Jupiter Country Club my shirts when I visit the pro shop so he can see the quality.  
Best of luck to you.  You have a great product and believe in it.  That is substantial."
-Jeff McCammon from Florida. 
" Tom,
I wore my new shirt on Saturday it held up great.  We were playing in Central VA in sun soak day in 80 degree temperature and my shirt was bone dry.
Thank you and I will definitely be buying couple of more shirts in the near future."
-Chris Ferrara 

Tom, wore your shirt today. Very comfortable. Hope all is well. "
-Jeff Maruyama, Northern California

Bought the hat and shirt. Love them. Wearing shirt again today! 
Thank you, "
-Rich Styles, South Carolina

I want to get some more of these! What other colors can I get but in this exact same shirt style. I love the fit and look. "
-Jason Evans, Newport Beach, Ca

" I didn’t wash my shirt after my round at La Quinta because I was on vacation and then I wore it again at Ft. Washington in the tournament the day after I got home. After two rounds, my shirt
had no body odors whatsoever and the collar protection from the sun was outstanding!! Can I buy a charcoal/black shirt like my blue one (xl)? I’d like to have a couple
of colors to play golf in.

-Mark Reynolds, Publisher
Member, California Golf Writers Association
"coLLo Apparel,  
My name is Rafael Padilla and I just wanted to say thank you again for picking me as a winner of your instagram giveaway. Your brand of shirt has been by far one of the more comfortable and stylish shirts. The large collar, shoulder line cut and fit look and feel good on my body and have received compliments from others while wearing it. The SPF levels of protection stay true as well. Plenty of shirts will say they protect your skin but yours has really proven the test. My skin is extremely sensitive to sun and sweat and your shirt has protected me 100%. Reading the details of your company I love that you are philanthropic as well, working with the Eisenhower hospital and using part of your sales to fund skin cancer treatment hits me at home considering it's a large issue for golfers and for someone who has lost anyone to any form of cancer in my life. I look forward to purchasing more shirts in the future and as a professional golfer please let me know if I can be of service to you and your company.

Thank you again and god bless,  "
-Rafael William Padilla,  Coachella Valley, Ca

He is now our head Marketing for our Instagram account, follow @colloapparel !
 Sorry for the delay in providing my feedback, but I've been busy and I wanted to wear it on a warmer day.
Fit – It fits me perfectly.  I’m a tweener on size, I need XL for length (so that I can keep it tucked in) but a L around the chest.  Overall the fit was as good or better than most of the shirts I wear.
Color/Fabric – Really like the blue with black in the background. Very versatile. I, as well as most of the people I play with. like the solids or subtle/simple designs.  Not sure of the apparel lingo for fabric construction, but it reminded me of a Peter Millar or Straight Down shirt.
Playability – Great, no restrictions.
Collar – Obviously this is the biggest difference from other shirts, and I understand the purpose. It looked a little different when I first put it on, however I didn’t notice it while playing.  I believe there is a market for this.  When it's really hot or I’m playing in the CA desert or AZ, many times I wear my collar up to protect my neck.  Secondly, I’ve ruined more white golf shirts than I can count by wearing sunblock (on my neck) over the last couple of years. I don’t know if it is something in all sunblocks (spray or lotion), but the collars of white shirts discolor and are ruined (all brands) when I wear it.  It’s to the point where I haven’t bought many white shirts lately or I only wear them on days when it’s cold and I don’t need sunblock on my neck.  The CoLLo collar covered or protected my entire neck.  As a side note, I also see a lot more people these days wearing just sleeves over their arms to protect against the sun's rays.
Logo - solid
Wash – Haven’t done my laundry yet but normally I hang dry all my shirts so that they don’t shrink in length (making them too short to tuck in the next time I wear them).
Hopefully this helps and is some decent feedback.  I typically wear all types of golf shirts. I normally buy logo'd shirts at cool courses I’ve played instead of choosing by brand.  Most of the shirts in my closest are Peter Millar (summer comfort), Straight Down, Travis Matthew, Adidas, or Matte Grey, but I definitely see myself being a customer of CoLLo as well.
If you have any questions or if I missed anything just let me know.
Mark Manwaring
Vice President
Ticor Title
"coLLo Apparel,
I have been wearing my CoLLo clothing in competition for a while now. Not only does it look good but I am also able to feel secure that Im keeping my skin protected at times. The long sleeves are extremely comfortable to wear and they do not get hot despite living in 100+ degree weather. I know that Im putting on the best shirt money can buy every time I put it on!
JJ Qualkenbush