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by Bill Flynn December 04, 2017

Perhaps you've never heard of coLLo golf apparel, well until recently I hadn't

either, but after speaking with former PGA Tour player Matias Gronberg about

the brand with the unusual collar, I was intrigued. coLLo golf apparel serves a

purpose that goes beyond your typical premium golf polo. coLLo is the Italian

word for "collar", so appropriately the apparel company that features a uniquely

shaped extra tall collar had its name. It's well known that long hours spent out

in the sun causes serious damage to your skin, specifically the back of the neck.

coLLo golf shirts also feature fabrics that offer UPF 50+ sun blocking protection.


The tag line "Don't get burned" is a clever reference to coLLo's taller collar band.

Many golfers choose not to apply sunscreen before and during a round of golf

especially around the neck area where creamy suncreen products can be a sloppy

mess and spray-on alternatives often ruin many a golf shirt. But with 3.5 million

cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer diagnosed each year, can you really

afford to be unprotected? According to the company, when you purchase a coLLo

product a percent of the proceeds are donated to skin cancer research/prevention.

Another great idea.




Hard to believe it took this long for a golf apparel company to create a tall

collar design, but we're glad someone did. Kudos to coLLo for the much needed

common sense breakthrough in sun protection - I certainly wish this product

line were around years ago. Wearing the coLLo shirts on the golf course proved

to be as advertised. The 4 way stretch fabrics provided comfort and allowed for

complete freedom of movement, the taller collar was not a distraction at all, and

was a nice addition of protection in the intense South Florida sun (one can never

have enough skin protection in the Sunshine State). High quality and classic style

golf apparel with serious innovation and purpose makes coLLo a worthy contender

for your next golf apparel purchase.


As a close friend always says, "Form follows function." In the case of coLLo

you get both in abundance, and you'll be surprised at the value as well.

Here is the link if you want to copy and go:



Bill Flynn
Bill Flynn


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